A National Movement on Values Restoration can only be successful if people with a passion for bringing about change come forward to participate in this. We invite you to participate in this noble cause by doing the following:

  • Encourage as many people as you can to demonstrate value-based living.
  • Inform people about FRNV. Urge them to join this movement by becoming a Friend of FRNV.
  • Write to us with your suggestions at frnv@outlook.com. If you wish to more actively participate in the activities, please do let us know by filling the following form Volunteer-Form and submit to us at frnv@outlook.com.
  • We all will agree that one way to convey ideas about value inculcation and value-based living is to read about, introspect over and emulate the lives of inspiring role models. We are planning to put together such inspiring biographies of individuals, and stories and anecdotes of value-based living. Volunteer to identify role models and compile biographies. Gather inspiring stories and anecdotes of value-based living.
  • Collecting quotes: We are in the process of collecting quotations by eminent leaders, thinkers, scholars, scientists and others from across the years, from across the world, who have spoken about India and its greatness. We would like to host these in our website so that people can be inspired by what is truly our own.

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