• To restore the National and Cultural Values of the country, so as to enrich and empower the Administration as well as its citizens.
  • To institute and propagate, ethical knowledge and disciplines, especially Value-based insights, as applicable to all sections of people without any distinction of gender, caste, creed or religion, with a view to promote and preserve individual, social and universal well-being, development, collective wisdom and peace.
  • To imbue on the basis of our common heritage, moral and ethical values and principles, that foster civic sense, concern for others and the environment, in members of all sections of society.
  • To work towards the strengthening of ethical standards in the Executive, Judiciary as well as people’s bodies and representatives, and all other agencies that interface with citizens, and endeavour to inculcate standards, so as to enhance their ability to understand and serve the needs of society in a way that upholds and fosters the Greater Good.
  • To stimulate awareness among all members of society, about the importance of the Duties of Indian citizens.
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