Conference on ‘Nurturing Ethical Leadership in India’

9 August 2015

A Conference on ‘Nurturing Ethical Leadership in India’ was organised at India International Centre. People from different walks of life including the Government, the private sector, civil society and the media attended the day long event. A souvenir was released on the occasion, by the President , Dr. E. Sreedharan. The conference provided an overview of various initiatives by citizens, civil society, business and Government to spread ethical conduct & leadership. The four sessions of the conference were designed to address the themes of value-based life, value-based business, ethics in politics and citizen engagement. In each session, speakers outlined the challenges for ethical practices and ethical leadership to be nurtured. Speakers provided positive examples of change and ideas for implementation. There was a sense of urgency, that it is ‘time for action’ on this fundamentally important issue.

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