Delhi Metro ties up with FRNV to announce ‘Value Guide’ programme

22 Aug 2008

After 18,000 prosecutions by flying squads failed to show much of a visible change in behaviour of Delhi Metro users, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has tied up with the Foundation for Restoration of National Values (FRNV) with the aim of instilling better values and making passengers behave in a more disciplined manner. With Metros coming up in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Chandigarh – culture and values will be needed to make them succeed. Some of the values which require immediate attention are – offering seats to ladies and elderly, courtesy, avoiding loud talking, not damaging public property, cleanliness, honesty, etc. Towards achieving this objective, Delhi Metro has decided to align with FRNV to inspire its commuters, and through them the whole Nation, to uphold values. Towards achieving this objective, DMRC has launched a Value Guide programme where it will involve some of its commuters and work with them in spreading awareness about values and also restoring these values among its large base of 8 lakhs commuters.

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